Facebook fail #1: Wrong car brand

Jul 4, 2011

Facebook fail

We here at TopGear.com.ph always love a good laugh. It is for this reason that we're introducing another regular feature on our site that serves no other purpose than to try to put a smile on your weary lips after a hard day at work. This concept was shamelessly stolen by us from Lamebook, a website dedicated to "the funniest and lamest of Facebook." But ours naturally follows the theme of cars and motoring. Here's the first installment. We found it funny; we hope you will, too. 

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And if you do stumble upon a humorous post or comment on Facebook that has anything to do with cars, just e-mail us the screenshot at bbctopgear@summitmedia.com.ph. If it's amusing enough, we'll post it with your soon-to-be-immortalized name.

Facebook fail #1

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