Run along EDSA and leap over Metro Manila buses in this virtual world

Feel the adrenaline through 'Manila Rush'
by Tracy Carpena | Mar 20, 2014

'Manila Rush' lets you run along EDSA and leap over buses

When you're stuck in Metro Manila traffic, do you sometimes wish you had an alternative and faster means of getting to your destination? For the virtual character of the game Manila Rush, there is another way of going around the metro. And it's via foot, going against the flow of traffic--like a boss.

Get a taste of adrenaline rush by playing this game, which has a similar concept as Race The Stig. But in this app developed by Anino Games, all you have is a pair of slippers to help main character Miguel "race the clock to get to work on time" to become "Employee of the Month."

You must make Miguel gallop along EDSA, leap over road construction, and even jump over cars, jeepneys and buses to collect coins as he dashes his way to work. Once you've collected 500 coins, you can change Miguel's yuppie outfit into either sporty or casual. More coins can give you more options, including changing the character into his female counterpart, Maria. Power-ups are available along the way. Grab them to ease Miguel's rush to work. The game simulates Metro Manila traffic, including swerving vehicles, the MRT and the noise pollution of honking vehicles.

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Manila Rush is available on iOS and Android devices. Download it now.


'Manila Rush' lets you run along EDSA and leap over buses

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