Takara Tomy releases Tomica Limited Toyota 86, 2000GT set

Better hurry to the nearest toy store
by Jason Dela Cruz | May 27, 2013


Tomica doesn\'t make as many car models as Hot Wheels. This line of die-cast toy vehicles produced by Takara Tomy Co. of Japan has a heart usually close to home, focusing on JDM cars and releasing only a handful of European and American cars. The toymaker also doesn\'t readily disclose upcoming releases. And when it does, it\'s only until a certain month.

But there are cars you just know that Takara Tomy is going to make. It\'s simply a no-brainer to come up with them. One such car is the Toyota 86. After releasing the Toyota 86 in red and silver for the regular model lineup and black as a special issue, Takara Tomy released the 86 in its signature metallic orange finish for its Tomica Limited (TL) series aimed for the adult collector. The models in this line are produced for a limited time and are more detailed--with more distinctive lights, strips, emblems, matching wheel design, and rubberized plastic tires. The interior also gets the right look (in this case, the 86\'s trademark red seats). Unfortunately, it wasn\'t released at retail toy stores like Toys \'R\' Us and Toy Kingdom. Some collectors got it through hobby or specialty toy stores.

Now, Takara Tomy has released a two-model Toyota set--the 86 and the 2000GT. The 86 is finished in Lightning Red with a carbon-look hood, while the 2000GT is finished in metallic brown. Heritage sets are a must for enthusiasts. Looking at both sports cars side by side, it\'s apparent where the 86 got its lines.

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The set retails for about P750. As a limited model, it\'s subject to availability. Better hurry to the nearest toy store to check if it\'s in stock. If it is, chances are it won\'t stay on the shelf for too long.

Photos by Jason dela Cruz



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