Video: Road trip with Nissan Navara Tech Xtreme

Old-school map versus modern WiFi
May 2, 2012

If you got a copy of our Geek Issue (April 2012), then you know that for our road-trip story last month, we used two Nissan Navaras: a regular one and a WiFi-equipped one called Tech Xtreme. We formed two teams and asked them to drive to a destination armed only with the venue's address. The team in the regular Navara would use only a regular paper map, while the one in the techie Navara had the on-board Wi-Fi system at its disposal.

Basically, we wanted to find out if satellite maps really resulted in a much faster travel time versus manual map-reading. Well, if you have the magazine, you already know the answer. But for those who weren't able to buy the copy, here is the video of the road trip.


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