Why you should never fiddle with your car's safety buttons

This video shows us the expensive answer
Nov 1, 2011

Turning off the stability control

Cars today--especially high-end ones--usually come with a plethora of control buttons that give the driver access to electronic aids in the name of safety. One of these buttons is for the stability control, the purpose of which is to prevent the car from skidding and careening out of control. This feature makes even the most mediocre driver seem exceptionally adept at the wheel, especially when cornering at full speed. But the really good drivers--or at least those who think they're really good drivers--like to turn the stability control off because they think this gives them better command of the vehicle.

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One such driver is a certain Roberto Ricci, said to be a surfboard and kiteboard designer. One day, he decided to take his Aston Martin Rapide out for a spin--and then turned its stability control button off. Watch the video to see the result of this not-so-wise decision.

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