30 images: Check out these Honda bikes launched at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Self-balancing bikes, anyone?
by Sharleen Banzon | Oct 26, 2017

The Honda booth at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show included both two- and four-wheeled models, making it one of the more massive spaces at the event. Here’s a gallery of the newly launched models on display:

Riding Assist-e

Making its world debut is the company’s experimental self-balancing bike, which utilizes technology from Honda’s research in humanoid robotics. The electric-powered Riding Assist-e automatically balances itself during “ultra-low-speed situations...such as traffic jams or starting and stopping.”


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Neo Sports Café Concept

Also making its first appearance is this naked sports bike concept, which “fuses fundamental fun, beauty, and a new-generation package.”


Super Cub 110

A Tokyo Motor Show special, the Super Cub 110 commemorative model celebrates the Super Cub line’s 100-million-unit global production milestone, as well its 60th anniversary next year.


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Super Cub C125

A smart key and an electric seat opener are just two of the many features of this stylish but highly functional 125cc personal commuter.


Monkey 125

Completing the lineup of concept bikes is this leisure model, whose “125cc horizontal, single-cylinder engine was installed to the signature body...with a sense of intentional deformation that comes from the short and tall body proportion unique to the Monkey series.”


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Gold Wing/Gold Wing Tour

Honda’s flagship bike takes on a completely all-new form, and is powered by a newly developed six-cylinder engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Tour version comes with features like a smart key, an Apple CarPlay-compatible infotainment system, and Walking Mode, “which utilizes the structure of [the dual-clutch transmission] to make navigating sharp turns easier.”


PCX Electric

This planned production model packs a high-output electric motor and a removable Honda Mobile Power Pack. While its design is fundamentally the same as that of the Hybrid version, it boasts model-unique styling cues such as rear hugger fender around the motor, and a color scheme that matches that of the power pack.


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PCX Hybrid

Touted as the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, the PCX Hybrid uses a high-output battery and an ACG starter motor to supplement engine power and torque.


Cross Cub 110

The Cross Cub 110 assumes a tough stance with its “leg shield-less active style” matched with wider tires. A leisure-oriented model, it has design and key features (for instance, the upright riding posture and the thicker seat cushioning) that are geared toward both urban and off-road recreational use.

Honda motorcycles at 2017 TMS

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PHOTO: Sharleen Banzon
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