This MV Augusta bike was designed by F1's Lewis Hamilton

Only 44 units will be sold, naturally
by Rowan Horncastle | Oct 4, 2017

Lewis Hamilton is, it’s fairly safe to say, a bit handy on four wheels. Any superfan, however, will also know he’s got a penchant for wobbling around on two-wheeled machinery—with a cursory scroll through his pre-race Instagram posts showcasing his capacity for massive burnouts in the pits on a powerful motorbike.

But now, Lewis has his own limited-edition motorbike courtesy of Italian firm MV Augusta. (MV Augusta, don’t forget, helped the late, great John Surtees power his way to seven motorbike world titles way back when.)

It’s called the MV Agusta F4 LH44, and is actually the second limited-edition bike by Lewis. A couple of years ago the two teamed up to create the Brutale Dragster RR Lewis Hamilton LH44. This new bike is even more special, being limited to a production run of 44 units and priced at a slightly eye-watering £53,900 (P3,644,642).

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The bike is based on the 205hp F4 RC, garnished here with additional, expensive niceties such as a titanium silencer (to save weight) and a Reparto Corsa control unit to boost power by 7hp to 212hp. Lewis went over the whole thing too to make it ‘Maximum Hamilton’.

As you can see, there’s the same glossy candy apple red as his private jet but accompanied by a pearl white chassis featuring matte black accents and his trademark panther logo. There are new carbon fiber fairings, a racing-style fuel tank cap, an anodized, CNC-machined wheel nut, and exclusive Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires featuring red-striped sidewalls with Lewis’ red ‘LH44’ logo stamped on the side.

That smoked windscreen is a first for an MV Augusta and Lewis had to get special permission to spray the normally gold Ohlins mechanically adjustable suspension black. For you bikers, they’re USD NIX 30 TiN-coated forks upfront and TTX 36 shocks at the rear.

So, prepare to see Lewis spinning up the rear wheel in a pit lane near you soon. It also got us thinking, should other F1 drivers get their own bikes too? We’d love to see a Lance Stroll scooter.

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