A communications device for motorists in emergency situations

Presenting the RugGear
Aug 31, 2012

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - A communications device perfect for off-roaders, motorists in emergency situations

G&G International, the distributor behind products like Motospray, has brought into the Philippine market the RugGear, a robust, mobile communications device designed to withstand the tough outdoors.

The RugGear is basically a military-grade, dual-SIM mobile phone that is IP67-certified, which means it's fully protected against dust and waterproof up to a depth of 1m for up to 30 minutes. The RugGear has also been drop-tested from a height of up to 2m.

Like most of today’s cell phones, the RugGear makes use of quadband networks and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has GPS location and navigation services, has a handy LED torchlight, and a two-megapixel camera that can take photos and record videos.

Where the RugGear tops the other run-of-the-mill mobile devices is with its two-way UHF radio and dedicated S.O.S. button.

Even its accessories are unique to it, which no other mobile phone manufacturer offers--like its hand-cranked USB charger which comes in handy when an electrical power source is unavailable, and its multifunction stylus that also serves as a ballpen and screwdriver for the lock screws of the RugGear's battery cover.

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The truly distinct feature of the RugGear, however, is that owning one serves as a ticket to the Blast Unifying Service (BUS), an exclusive network of fellow RugGear owners "who will be your lifeline during emergencies or everyday necessities that require communication coordination."

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According to G&G International, the BUS command center in Metro Manila can send distress signals and relay emergency calls to all RugGear owners nationwide via text, two-way radio or online notifications. With the information on hand, any RugGear owner near the emergency area can call, coordinate or provide rescue assistance.

With the network of RugGear owners, G&G international calls the BUS the "modern version of the Filipino's Bayanihan Spirit."

Those curious about the device, apparently sold for P25,000 apiece, may visit RugGear Philippines' website. In concept, this phone will be very useful if your car bogs down in the middle of nowhere.

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