Actor and race driver Jomari Yllana launches new motorsports team

To compete in Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship
Apr 10, 2013

Yllana Racing

Remember Jomari Yllana, one-third of the Gwapings and younger brother to Anjo? If you're into cars, of course you remember him--especially for his exploits on the racetrack. Jomari used to drive professionally, most memorably alongside teammate Jody Coseteng for Toyota Team Tom's in the late '90s.

Well, we guess once a racer, always a racer. Or, in Yllana's case, once bitten by the racing bug, always afflicted with the racing bug--even if it's just to call the shots from the sidelines.

At the Manila International Auto Show last weekend, the actor and car enthusiast announced the launch of his new motorsports outfit, Yllana Racing. The team unveiled a specially liveried Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and then introduced the team's personnel:

* Jomari Yllana - team principal;

* Edgen Dy-Liacco - technical director;

* Rikki Dy-Liacco - technical consultant;

* Art Rodriguez - engine management and tuning;

* Jojo Howard - body design and paint; and


* John Howard - car interior

The newly formed racing team also announced that it will be competing in this year's Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship, with the following race schedule:

April 14 - 1st PGTC race at Batangas Racing Circuit

May 5 - 2nd PGTC race at Clark International Speedway

June 2 - 3rd PGTC race at Batangas Racing Circuit

August 11 - 4th PGTC race at Clark International Speedway

September 22 - 5th PGTC race Batangas Racing Circuit

October 27 - 6th PGTC race at Clark International Speedway

So, if you were a fan of Jomari Yllana's driving during his time, you now have a chance to see if he is also as skilled at running his own racing team.

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