Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - All-new Subaru Forester retains top-mounted intercooler after all

When Subaru first revealed what the all-new Forester looks like earlier this month, we noticed the conspicuous absence of the hood scoop on the turbocharged variant. After all, the hood scoop became a styling signature for Subaru's top-mounted intercooler layout for its blown engines.

And yet, Subaru mentioned that the all-new model has a direct-injected turbocharged variant that puts out 276hp and 350Nm of torque. Does this mean Subaru adopted the more traditional front-mounted intercooler setup for its turbocharged Forester? What look to be air ducts at the corner of the front bumper, at closer look, seem to be just an aesthetic design.

Well, we've finally gotten a look at the engine and Subaru has indeed retained the top-mounted layout for the intercooler. How will it then get the air it needs to cool the compressed air generated by the turbocharger if it has no hood scoop? We figure that Subaru worked on the all-new Forester's underhood ducting so that much of the air that passes through its grille is routed to the intercooler.

Sure, taking out the hood scoop undoubtedly helps the vehicle's aerodynamics, but that's another Subaru styling signature that has gone extinct like frameless door windows.

Rest in peace, Subaru hood scoop. You will be missed.

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