Asian Carmakers celebrates BMW Joyfest

10 days of fun at BMW dealerships nationwide
Nov 18, 2011

Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC) invites Bimmer enthusiasts to the BMW Joyfest from November 18 to 27, 9am to 6pm.

For 10 days, BMW fans can just walk in to an ACC dealership to enjoy exclusive financing rates for brand-new and pre-loved BMW vehicles.

"BMW buyers can expect a variety of models on-hand that they can avail through a zero-percent interest for 60 months payment scheme. Suffice to say, this is the best time to buy with the best offer available. There's definitely joy when you choose a BMW," said Glen Dasig, ACC's sales and marketing executive director.

Buyers of BMW during the 10-day BMW Joyfest also get a chance to see the BMW Vision Concept Car when it is unveiled to the world on December 14 at the Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in Singapore. ACC will pick 10 winners via a raffle and the lucky individuals can bring a companion to a three-day trip inclusive of hotel accommodations and airfaire.

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The BMW Vision Concept Car represents the future of sheer driving pleasure. Its cutting-edge technology embodies BMW's strong commitment to improved performance and less fuel consumption. The Vision concept accelerates from 0 to 100kph in just 4.8 seconds and consumes a mere 3.8 liters of fuel for every 100km.


BMW Vision Concept Car

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