Audi releases first of six A1 short films

Check out the teaser here
May 7, 2010

Audi has released the first of the The Next Big Thing episodes featuring the Audi A1 hatchback and Justine Timberlake.

The first episode (see teaser below) introduces Timberlake's character as a white-collared ‘suit' doing his daily business routine in a café where an unexpected encounter with the attractive and mysterious character played by Dania Ramirez sees them both eluding killer gunmen and smashing a store window before they get into a red Audi A1 to make their escape.

"The timing for the film was not chosen at random, as you will be able to order the A1 soon", said Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi Board Member for marketing and sales. "The film is action-packed and entertaining, perfectly suited to the young target group of our A1. At the same time the movie provides kind of a virtual test drive: it shows skillful handling, technical refinement and presents the self-assured design of the A1."

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Directed by Swedish director Henrik Sundgren, the next five episodes will premiere every Tuesday up to June 8 at



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