BMW reportedly coming out with even-numbered series

To differentiate coupes from sedans
by Vernon B. Sarne | Oct 22, 2012

BMW to launch even-numbered series

German carmaker BMW is soon introducing even-numbered series to better and more clearly segregate its car models from each other, a source close to the brand told during the BMW Expo event over the weekend.

According to our source, the new even-numbered series are the 2-Series and the 4-Series, which are essentially coupe versions of the 1-Series and the 3-Series, respectively.

"Right now, BMW has the 1-Series Coupe and the 3-Series Coupe," explained our informant. "The 2-Series and the 4-Series will replace those."

The report was confirmed by race driver JP Tuason, who also dropped by the BMW Expo event. Tuason, who is now the first Filipino certified BMW driving instructor after completing a five-week course in Germany and Austria, had also heard the news during his training in Munich.

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