BMW to end production of current 3-Series by October

Six years after its production started

The fifth-generation BMW 3-Series has reportedly reached the end of its shelf life as the German carmaker will cease to produce its bread-and-butter model by October of this year, revealed.

The report added that the current 3-Series is being retired in preparation for the launch of the next-generation model, known internally within BMW as the F30, early next year.

Though BMW has yet to reveal details of the next-generation 3-Series, believes that its dimensions will be similar to the current model while its exterior design will be toned and muscular, and bear the same aggressive design lines as the current F10 5-Series. added that the next-generation 3-Series will be equipped with the brand's EfficientDynamics technologies like aerodynamically designed wheels, a solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency of its interior controls, brake energy regeneration , stop-start technology, and pre-heating technology for the engine, gearbox and differential. The model will also reportedly have a range of engine options including turbocharged and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder motors, 4-cylinder mills and, perhaps, even a new 3-cylinder power unit.


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