A 2,500hp Nissan Patrol goes so fast that a door flies off

The Middle East gearheads sure love their Patrols
by Rowan Horncastle | Mar 15, 2017

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Last year, we showed you a car that Toyota dubbed the Land Speed Cruiser. It was a Toyota Land Cruiser with 2,000hp and target top speed of 354kph. Now, Toyota is yet to inform us how it’s getting on with that target speed normally only reserved for exotica starting with the words ‘McLaren,' ‘Bugatti,’ or ‘Koenigsegg,’ but an equally brick-shaped and well-loved 4x4 has already cracked the 2k mark.

It’s a twin-turbo 2,500hp Nissan Patrol hailing from the Middle East (of course) and is really scary and flippin’ fast. This isn’t a super-slippery Nissan Patrol silhouette dripped over a drag chassis, it’s a normal Patrol—stripped out—wearing lots of mechanicals that make big horsepower.

In the video above, you see it first on a dyno making lots of physics happen in a very small space. With the accelerator pinned, the whole thing hunkers down creating more energy than our tiny brains can compute before lifting off the accelerator and belching what looks like the center of the earth out of its vertical stack exhaust.

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It then heads to the strip, where a rather brave dude with a very enthusiastic gear shift action (which you can’t blame him for considering he’s basically doing a horizontal shuttle launch in a family 4x4) fires it off the line and to 333.82kph in the space of 1.6km. So fast the passenger door literally falls off. Unbelievable stuff, and more proof that horsepower makes literally anything possible. 

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Check it out for yourself above. But be aware there’s a small sweary word, so don’t if that kind of thing offends you.

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made. 

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