"Stay alert to see the rest of this stunning vehicle," BMW explains via its Facebook page.

Only it doesn’t tell us what name the 'stunning vehicle' will take, only saying that the full reveal will take place at the Pebble Beach concours event on 17 August.

So, it’s a bit of a guessing game. The most likely contender is the new Z4. Maybe a concept version that’s near production form, as BMW tends to do at these types of events. The new Z4 of course, will likely share a platform with the new Toyota Supra too…

But what if BMW blindsided everybody and revealed something entirely different? Are we looking at an 8-Series convertible, to capitalize on the rather gorgeous 8-Series Coupe we saw a while back, and the rip-snorting M Division 8-Series (that’s the M8)?

Possibly (not). Maybe something entirely out of these model lines. Maybe a V16-engined land-rocket built from unobtanium. Who knows.

Have a guess in the comments, and see if you can do better than us. One thing’s for sure—though only a sketch, with hints of F-Type at the front and 6/8 Series at the back, the silhouette and the lines of the thing look rather lovely indeed…

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