This electric supercar reached 97kph in only 1.9 seconds

It can do 280kph flat out
by | Feb 20, 2018

A prototype electric supercar has just accelerated from 0-97kph in 1.92 seconds. Yes, folks. Japanese supercar-maker Aspark has tested its Owl EV, and it has delivered.

Delivered on a promise Aspark made last year, confidently predicting its two-seat, butterfly-doored exotic could run the benchmark 0-100kph sprint in less than two.

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How? Hoosier racing tires, to start with. According to information we learned at Frankfurt last year, the Owl runs a pair of 40kW motors, offering 429hp and 763Nm. There's a battery and supercapacitor setup (the latter recovering energy from braking), for instant juice.

Juice sent to all four wheels of course, for that mind-blowing acceleration run. The motors are small. The car is light (850kg). It sits low (just 990mm tall).

Aspark reckons this Owl is capable of hitting 280kph flat out, a top speed that would likely affect the claimed 150km battery range.

But still. An EV that does 0-97kph in 1.92 seconds. That is ridiculous.

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