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Isuzu MU-X

"This is claimed to be the all-new replacement for Isuzu's aging MU-7, called MU-X," Bangkok Post wrote in its September 26 report about the supposed next-generation Isuzu Alterra. (The first-generation Alterra is called MU-7 in Thailand.) "New Isuzu MU-X leaks out," declared the article's title.

But is this indeed the real deal?

The most widely circulated English-language newspaper in Thailand seems to think so, even if the source of the "leaked photo" is an Isuzu "fan club website," according to the article.

Was the newspaper taken for a ride? Or does the paper's motoring editor know something more conclusive that wasn't mentioned in the article for confidentiality's sake?

We're undecided ourselves, to be honest. Check out the photo below of the new D-Max--upon which the new Alterra will be based--and it's pretty clear that anyone with decent photoshopping skills can come up with a "leaked Alterra."

So, what do you think? Is the "all-new Alterra" photo above genuine or fake? Take the poll at the bottom.

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Isuzu D-Max

Is the photo of the "leaked Isuzu Alterra" above for real?
Yes, I believe it's the real thing
Hard to tell. Maybe yes, maybe no
No. The image looks too amateurish
Why are we wasting our time on this?

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