Is this what the next BMW M3 will look like?

A promising sign
by Stephen Dobie | Oct 5, 2018

BMW isn’t holding back. One whole, entire day after revealing the  new 3-Series sedan, it’s applied the performance treatment to it.

This isn’t—for shame—the new M3. Expect that in at least a year’s time, with a tuned-up turbo six delivering 500hp or thereabouts. But these M Performance parts for the regular, sensible sedan gives us a little peek at how a sportier 3-Series looks. And therefore, if you squint, how that M3 might look.

The exterior tweaks comprise ten new parts, in either gloss black or carbon fiber, and with aggression-packed names like ‘M Performance front splitter pro.’ As well as the usual spoilers and diffusers there are also new mirror caps, side sill films (with copious M Performance branding) and gray-tinted rear lights. The exhaust pipes are a mix of titanium and carbon.

There are bigger, more curb-able wheels too. You can have 18-inch matte black alloys, which allow you to run BMW’s winter tires (a must in colder seasons in Germany), or 20-inch rims with a choice of finishes and which are necessary to house the M Performance braking system, with its 18-inch perforated, grooved discs and red calipers.

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