Would you like the new BMW M3 to look like this?

Unofficial render shows us how the next M Division sports sedan could appear
by Stephen Dobie | Oct 28, 2018
PHOTO: X-Tomi Design

Can’t wait for the next BMW M3? Worry not, for a preview is here. Kinda. This is X-Tomi Design’s entirely unofficial render of M Division’s all-new 3. And if X-Tomi’s past form is anything to go by, it ought to be a pretty close guesstimate of the real thing.

We’re still a bit undecided on the latest 3-Series’ styling, but perhaps a bit of aggression will help make sense of its lines and creases. The various M flourishes—including the M3’s (and M4’s) signature hood scoop—certainly make the fussiness somehow less fussy. Or is that just us?

As an unofficial digital design, there are naturally no stats to back this M3 up. Using the power of guesswork, we’d assume a twin-turbo straight-six petrol engine with somewhere in the region of 500hp. You’d expect BMW to want to beat the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Mercedes-AMG C63—both currently possessing 503hp—after all, though some added lightness is likely to help the next M3’s performance figures, too. The standard 3-Series is around 55kg lighter than its predecessor.

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Will it get a four-wheel-drive system like its big brother, the M5 (complete with drift mode, naturally)? Will it come only with paddle shifters given how few people go old-school manual? Will there finally be a Touring?

These are questions only BMW can answer. Let us know below what you would like to see from the new M3, and whether you’d be happy with it looking like this…

This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: X-Tomi Design
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