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BMW M5 sets Guinness world record for longest sustained drift

Beating the previous mark set by a Camaro


With BMW Performance Center instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel, a BMW M5 has broken the Guinness World Record for \"longest sustained drift,\" beating the 11,180m of continuous drifting set by Abdo Feghali in a Chevrolet Camaro in February.

Schwartz set the record at the BMW Performance Center near Greenville, South Carolina, where he completed 82,524m around the facility\'s 841ft-circumference skid pad.

Schwartz did the stunt using an M-DCT transmission-equipped M5, an unmodified car from the BMW Performance Center school fleet, with a fresh set of Continental ContiSport ultra-high performance tires.

While the disparity in the drift distance between the two cars is exceptional, it is worth mentioning that Feghali\'s record in the Camaro was achieved on a very dry and hot Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, while Schwartz did it on a very wet skid pad.

Do you think Guinness should set up two different world records for drifting--one for a wet track and another for a dry one? Watch the video.


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