German tuner crafts an even more aggressive-looking Aventador

Novitec works its magic on Lamborghini
Jul 9, 2013


German tuner Novitec is known for specializing in Italian supercars from Ferrari and Maserati. Well, it has now added Lamborghini to the list by creating a package for the Aventador.

Called \"Torado,\" the aerodynamics package is crafted from carbon fiber. In addition, not only does it give the Aventador a more aggressive appearance, the aero components are also functional, having undergone extensive wind-tunnel testing.

Novitec also tuned the Aventador\'s 6.5-liter V12 engine. While no figures were given for the mill\'s power output, the tuner did reveal that its performance has been improved through the upgraded engine management software and high-quality exhaust systems \"available in the ultra-lightweight material Inconel or stainless steel.\"

To maximize its driving performance, the car\'s suspension components have been tweaked, while its wheel-and-tire combination provides maximum contact with the road. Lastly, the Torado program for the Aventador is completed in the cockpit \"where a wide range of products are offered in carbon fiber.\"

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