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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Hyundai PH upgrades 1.4-liter Accent

Hyundai has upgraded the 1.4-liter Accent with manual transmission, giving it a new engine-and-transmission combo "that promises smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel frugality."

According to the Korean carmaker, the new 1.4-liter dual-CVVT Kappa engine replaces the old single-CVVT Gamma engine and thoroughly optimizes the power unit's 99hp and 133Nm "for significant improvement in overtaking performance."

How the new engine is better than the old one in terms of power output has us scratching our heads since the Gamma engine did put out 107hp and 136Nm. (Are we missing anything here?)

Anyway, the new engine is supposedly even more "intelligent" than before since its intake valves can be opened from 10% to 100% "to give the engine the right amount of air-and-fuel mixture for optimum combustion." The exhaust valves are also programmed to efficiently expel the combusted gas, thus maximizing the succeeding air-fuel ignition for more efficient performance and greater fuel economy.

A six-speed manual transmission replaces the five-speed gearbox of the previous model, with the extra gear allowing the car to keep the engine rpm low, improving its fuel economy.

What's surprising about the upgraded Accent is this: Despite the new engine and transmission, Hyundai Asia Resources is selling it at the same price of P618,000.

You can even buy it now through "Hyundai Financing Advantage," which runs until June 30. The deal options are:

* P40,000 discount on cash purchase of the 1.4-liter DCVVT GL (MT) and the CVVT GL (AT);

* P25,751 monthly amortization for the GL (MT), or P29,501 monthly amortization for the GL (AT) at 0% interest (with 50% down payment on a 12-month payment scheme);

* Down payment of as low as P88,000 for the GL (MT); or

* Low monthly amortization of only P6,513 for the GL (MT) with a 50% down payment at 60 months to pay.

This, we suppose, is how Hyundai preempts the imminent arrival of the new Toyota Vios.

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