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All-new Hyundai Genesis

Last month, Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Company teased us with image renderings of the all-new, second-generation Genesis luxury sedan. This right here is the official production version as presented by Hyundai yesterday in Seoul, South Korea.

According to Hyundai, there are already 3,500 orders for the new model as you read this. The aim is to sell 62,000 units around the world in 2014--32,000 in the domestic market of Korea and 30,000 units overseas.

"The all-new Genesis is a concentration of Hyundai's most advanced technologies, reborn through relentless performance tests and thorough quality management," said HMC chairman and CEO Mong-Koo Chung. "The all-new Genesis will compete head-on with top-tier premium models in the global market--including Europe, home to many such premium brands--to enhance Hyundai's brand values and gain leadership in the industry. Hyundai has made great strides over the past half-century through constant innovation. We will continue to satisfy customers with even better-quality vehicles."

Hyundai reveals that the all-new Genesis features "an overall length of 4,990mm, overall width of 1,890mm and overall height of 1,480mm. In particular, its wheelbase was extended by 75mm to 3,010mm compared to its predecessor, boasting best-in-class cabin space."

Making their debut on this model are the new HTRAC all-wheel-drive system and the new multilink rear suspension. Hyundai claims the HTRAC system was "tested through extensive subzero and hot weather programs on road and track." (In case you're wondering what HTRAC means, it's simply a contraction of "Hyundai" and "traction.")

There are four engine options for the new Genesis: the 3.0-liter Lambda V6, the 3.3-liter Lambda V6, the 3.8-liter Lambda V6 and the 5.0-liter Tau V8. An eight-speed automatic transmission does butter-smooth duty for all engine choices.

The outgoing Genesis, the first premium rear-wheel-drive sedan from Hyundai, was introduced in 2008, selling around 250,000 units globally over six years.

All-new Hyundai Genesis

All-new Hyundai Genesis

All-new Hyundai Genesis

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