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Leaked photo of purported 2014 Honda Jazz

In August 2008, we put the second-generation Honda Jazz on our cover. Today, nearly five years later, it looks like it's time to lay our eyes on the sheet metal of the third-generation model, believed to be made available by Honda globally late this year or early 2014.

The photo you see above is supposedly that of the all-new model. This "leaked picture" was shared by Indian Autos Blog, which admitted that it "can't vouch for the authenticity of these leaks."

Well, we can't either. The Internet is often full of crap. But if this is indeed the all-new Jazz, we have to say it isn't bad at all. The car in the photo looks like a hybrid, however, judging from the image of the purported instrument panel.

Assuming this is the real deal, what do you think of the design?


Leaked photo of purported 2014 Honda Jazz

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