Jaguar design boss reimagines British carmaker's Mark 2 model

For his personal ride
Sep 1, 2014
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Jaguar design boss reimagines carmaker’s Mark 2 model

Jaguar Cars design director Ian Callum has redesigned an old Mark 2 for himself, the result of an 18-month joint project between himself and renowned Jaguar restoration company Classic Motor Cars.

According to CMC, the Mark 2 has seen some extensive aesthetic and technical modifications to make it "a practical, reliable, enjoyable and exciting everyday car."

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"This is a very personal statement," said Callum. "A long-held notion that, although the Mark 2 has always been a beautiful car, it could be even more exciting in shape and performance. While maintaining the purity of the car's form, I wanted to add a number of modern twists to the design. Simplification and clarity were my objective."

Callum's redesigned Mark 2 sits 30mm lower than the stock model, and rides on 17-inch split-rim spoke wheels. The designer also added louvers on the front fenders "to add to that sense of power," and they're not there for aesthetic reasons only, since they were added in a low-pressure area to improve the internal airflow from the modified 4.3-liter XK engine. Paired with it is a five-speed manual gearbox.

The Mark 2's suspension was also designed and re-engineered by CMC, with the front incorporating a bespoke power-assisted rack, uprated coil springs, roll bar and wishbone bushes, adjustable dampers, and repositioned solid subframe mountings to improve anti-dive characteristics. The unique independent rear suspension, meanwhile, includes uprated coil springs, blade control wishbones, outboard disc brakes, an antiroll bar, and adjustable dampers.

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Inside, the Mark 2 is fitted with a single DIN Clarion multimedia station with a 16cm flip-out touchscreen and speakers in specially designed housings. Its cabling was reportedly done by VDC Trading, and is similar to the one used in the world’s top recording and mastering studios like Abbey Road.

"The wide-ranging list of modifications in the Mark 2 shows just how much design and engineering development has gone into this venture from the original car," said CMC chairman  Peter Neumark. "To be chosen by Ian Callum to work with him on his project is a testament to the skills and passion that exist within our business, and is something that CMC is immensely proud of."

Seriously, we really think carmakers should now consider reissuing classic models with modern features.


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