Lamborghini set up shop in Japan 50 years ago. Fifty. 50 years last week since the company began selling imported 400 GTs. Today, they’re selling something with a little bit more power. And exclusivity. 

Yep, Lamborghini has announced five exclusive production cars specifically for its special ‘Lamborghini Day’ celebrations, at an exclusive event in Tokyo. They’re called the Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan editions, and are inspired by one of the five natural elements of Japanese culture—water, earth, fire, wind and sky. We’d take Fire over Wind though, to be honest. 

‘Water’ was premiered at the show, an Aventador S Roadster featuring special shading effects to go from blue to black that took over 170 hours of labor to create. Other features include embroidery on the seats and a hardtop that evokes the Japanese symbol for bamboo. Internal stitching matches the outside colors, and is complemented by a hexagonal carbon fiber plate with the symbol for the car’s namesake. 

Stefano Domenicali, Lambo’s boss, said: “On the occasion of this important anniversary for our brand in Japan, I wish to thank our Japanese customers for their support over the years and their strong bond with our marque. Thanks to them, Japan has now become our second most important market worldwide in terms of cars sold. And with the arrival of the Urus in 2018, we predict further unprecedented success in this country.”

Downtown Tokyo also celebrated Lamborghini Day with a parade of more than 80 models, winding through the Ginza district.


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