Last-ever BMW M3 Coupe rolls off assembly line

Farewell to an icon
Jul 8, 2013


Let\'s all bow our heads and pay our respects to the passing of a legend: BMW has confirmed that the last M3 Coupe has rolled off the assembly line.

The M3 Coupe, which is based on the 3-Series coupe, is being retired after over 40,000 units have been put out on the streets globally since it was launched in 2007. It\'s not the end of the M3 nameplate, though, since the sedan and convertible variants will carry on with it until September 2013.

The M3 Coupe\'s demise means that the next M-powered BMW compact coupe will be known as the M4, following the German carmaker\'s new nomenclature where the 1- and 3-Series coupes will be renamed 2- and 4-Series coupes, respectively, as we reported in October last year.

So, if you own a current-generation M3 Coupe, we congratulate you because what you have is now a collector\'s item.

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