Well, at least we have more to go on than a single photo of the grille. Lexus is teasing us (again) ahead of the global debut of the all-new ES at Auto China 2018, and this time we finally get a look at the rest of the vehicle's body via video.

And yes, we know it still isn't much.

The 18-second clip gives us a glimpse of the car's side profile, as well as the entire face: a bold and intricate grille design, futuristic swept-back headlights, a few muscular proportions here and there, a hood that stretches on for miles--we're definitely liking what we're seeing. We're also given a quick peek at sculpted taillights out back.

No interior, running shots or performance figures yet. You'll have to wait for April 25th for those.

So, will the brand's most successful luxury sedan wow when it breaks cover in China next week? You would think so, considering we've been going through teasers for teasers leading up to the launch.


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