The McLaren 570S Spider is now available with a track kit

For 'occasional track days'
by Tom Harrison | Apr 4, 2018

McLaren 570S Spider not hardcore enough for you? Well, fret ye not, because for the price of a whole Mini Cooper, McLaren will equip your new 570S Spider with a ‘Track Pack’ that “brings together a range of practical and visual features suited to circuit use in one pack.” How thoughtful.

Designed to “deliver enhanced levels of driver engagement for owners interested in occasional track days, while still maintaining the daily usability of the McLaren Sports Series convertible,” the pack cuts the Spider’s curb weight by some 33kg. It adds a lighter, louder exhaust, carbon fiber bucket seats and trim, and a telemetry system for monitoring lap times. Spot one by its ‘Dark Palladium’ roof and lightweight, ten-spoke alloy wheels.

There are no mechanical changes to speak of. So you get the same 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8, the same 562hp and 601Nm as the standard 570S Spider. In that car 0-100kph takes 3.2 seconds, 200kph is seen off in 9.6 seconds and the top speed (roof up) is 328kph. McLaren hasn’t confirmed numbers for the Track Pack, but the 33kg weight-saving can’t have had that much of an impact.

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Just 10% of 570S Coupe buyers opt for the Track Pack. For the Spider—the best-selling car in the Sports Series—it adds £17,160 (P1.25 million) to the £164,750 (P12 million)SRP. Which sounds like a lot, but add all those options individually and you’d be looking at way more. Fancy it?

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