Nissan updates GT-R, reveals Nismo edition at Tokyo Motor Show

And claims Nurburgring record
Nov 22, 2013


Once again, Nissan has updated the GT-R for the next model year, but at the same time, it\'s also giving the public a race-oriented model worked on by the Japanese carmaker\'s tuning arm, Nismo.

First up is the 2014-model GT-R that will officially go on sale in Japan on December 2, to be followed by sales at Nissan dealerships in other markets worldwide.

Nissan limited the 2014 GT-R\'s mechanical updates to its chassis, with the suspension being fine-tuned to \"reduce load fluctuation between the four wheels, giving better stability and more consistent grip.\" Contact between the road and the GT-R\'s Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT tires is also enhanced by optimizing the electronic control of the shock-absorber valves and by modifying the front stabilizer spring rates and bush link. According to Nissan, the tuning of these parts \"gives a poised, confident ride and outstanding traction on rough roads.\"

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For the exterior, the 2014 GT-R sports all-new, energy-efficient and high-intensity multi-LED headlights that enhance the car\'s road presence, particularly at night. The new headlights also have an adaptive front lighting system that automatically adapts the angle of the light beam to the GT-R\'s speed.

As for the GT-R Nismo, Nissan Motorsport thoroughly worked on the car, starting with the 3.8-liter V6. Nismo utilized new high-flow, large-diameter turbochargers normally used for GT3 racing to increase the engine\'s output to 591hp and 652Nm.

Nismo also tuned the GT-R Nismo\'s suspension setup, fitting it with custom-developed Bilstein DampTronic dampers, enhancing its agility, road-holding and handling finesse \"without compromising refinement.\" A 17.3mm hollow rear anti-roll bar increases chassis roll stiffness while reducing weight to minimize body roll during cornering and changes of direction, while exclusive Nismo tires developed by Dunlop exhibit outstanding grip and handling characteristics.

The GT-R Nismo also has an aerodynamics package that--together with the front bumper, engine under-cover strake and carbon-fiber rear spoiler--not only further improves the car\'s road-holding capability and lowers its center of gravity, but also generates an additional 100kg of downforce at 300kph compared to the regular 2014 GT-R.

With all the enhancements added to the GT-R Nismo, just how good is it exactly? According to Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn, it is officially the fastest Nissan GT-R ever.

\"With a seven-minute, 8.679-second lap time, we can authoritatively say that the Nissan GT-R Nismo holds the volume production car lap record at the Nurburgring Nordschliefe, which is the gold standard of high-performance achievement,\" Ghosn said at the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show where both cars made their debut.

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The record was reportedly achieved by Nissan racing pilot and test driver Michael Krumm on September 30, with a time that\'s 10 seconds faster than the GT-R\'s previous best time on the track (seven minutes and 18 seconds) set in October 2012.

According to Nissan, the GT-R Nismo will be available in Japan in late February 2014, followed by the United States and Europe later in 2014.

Photos by Vernon B. Sarne



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