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Remember the China-made Icona Vulcano? Guess who engineered it

Now we can take it seriously


Remember the China-made supercar called the Icona Vulcano? The new carmaker will bring its one-off creation to the Salon Prive luxury and supercar show in the UK in September (the car already made its public debut at Auto Shanghai in April).

With its V12 hybrid engine supposedly producing up to 950hp, the Vulcano has a top speed of 350kph and can accelerate from 0 to 190kph in less than nine seconds.

But perhaps the most interesting bit of new information about this car is that it was apparently engineered by former Scuderia Ferrari technical director Claudio Lombardi. This dude used to be the head of the Italian carmaker\'s Formula 1 program in the early \'90s, and was later involved in Ferrari\'s GT (road-car) program. It\'s safe to assume he knows a little bit about supercars.

\"Icona is a very exciting new brand and we are delighted that it has chosen Salon Prive for the UK debut of the Vulcano,\" said Icona sales director David Bagley. \"It\'s a beautiful car and is going to look fantastic [at the show].\"

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