Upgrade your Rolls-Royce with carbon fiber body parts

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by Gerard Jude Castillo | Aug 4, 2016

For those who can afford a Rolls-Royce, specifying a bespoke version is the way to go. While the chances of seeing another RR on the road are minimal, having a Rolls tailor-made to his personality is still important to the typical buyer. So we can just imagine how delighted potential clients would be by this latest development: Rolls-Royce carbon fiber parts care of US-based Vitesse AuDessus and design house Bengala Automotive.

This is essentially a program wherein Rolls-Royce customers can order their luxury steed with forged carbon fiber exterior pieces. The material is pretty much the same technology used in Lamborghinis. The idea is to give the Rolls-Royce a stronger appeal while still retaining that air of luxury. Moreover, the lightweight strength of the material helps in making the car perform better on the road, and provide improved safety for occupants.

Apart from the carbon fiber body parts, Bengala and Vitesse are also offering forged carbon fiber wheels. As with the rims used on the upcoming Ford GT, these rollers are lighter than their alloy counterparts, thus reducing unsprung weight. This naturally aids in stability and handling, as well as giving a more luxurious ride.

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In true Rolls-Royce fashion, the owner can specify the design of these wheels. Moreover, all removable carbon fiber panels can be specified for tint, weave, and finish. It’s the ultimate design-your-own-car program. It is still a Rolls, after all.

The Bengala-Vitesse carbon fiber program is available on practically all Rolls-Royce models: the Phantom, Dawn, Wraith, and Ghost. You’ll need to give a lead time of three to four weeks for the body parts, and around four to six weeks for the carbon fiber wheels.

Oh, and as you can imagine, these bits aren’t cheap. To give you an idea, the hood costs $7,250 (P341,223), the grille surround ranges from $3,875 – 4,125 (P182,378 – 194,144), and the mirror mounts go for $3,125 (P147,079).

Nobody said ultra exclusivity was affordable, but to the right client, this kind of customization spells a world of difference. 

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PHOTO: Bengala Automotive
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