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Video: Formula 1 star Jenson Button drives McLaren P1 up Goodwood


We\'ve seen it in photos and we\'ve watched it in a couple of press videos. Now, we can finally see the McLaren P1 make its dynamic debut at the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The P1 first appeared at the McLaren tent where the British carmaker displayed some of its most iconic cars in its 50-year history before McLaren Formula 1 driver Jenson Button drove it up the Goodwood driveway.

The video also has a brief snippet of Button being interviewed about what his company car is and what changes he has done to it. Care to guess what car it is?

Anyway, it\'s just our bad luck that the P1\'s run up Goodwood doesn\'t include the sound of the V8 hybrid powertrain.


If you\'re viewing this on a mobile device and can\'t see the video, please click here.

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