Video: Watch the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento hit the track

Want to know how much it costs?
Jun 10, 2013


Nearly three years ago, in September 2010, Lamborghini unveiled the Sesto Elemento concept at the Paris Motor Show. Built almost entirely out of carbon fiber, the Sesto Elemento was to be produced in very limited numbers--only 20, based on a previous report--with production starting in January 2013.

Well, it seems one of the 20 units is now up and about since one was reportedly spotted lapping the track at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada in the US.

Although we don\'t really get to see the Sesto Elemento do a high-speed run, we do get to hear how its 5.2-liter, 570hp V10 engine sounds like. We also get to see Lamborghini president and chief executive Stephan Winkelmann talking to the lucky driver at the end of the video.

According to the post on YouTube, the Sesto Elemento has a $2.2-million price tag. Too much or just right for a track-only car?

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