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Which version of the Mirage would you pick: hatchback or sedan?

Mitsubishi can\'t seem to decide either


If you were in the market for a subcompact car and were considering the Mitsubishi Mirage, which version of the car would you prefer: the hatchback or the sedan (Mirage G4)?

As you know, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is already gearing up for the launch of the Mirage G4 sedan in our market later this year, and has already shown off the car to the motoring media in Thailand. During that trip, MMPC president and CEO Hikosaburo Shibata revealed to that they \"expect the sales ratio between the sedan and the hatchback to be about 70-30\" in favor of the sedan. In other words, MMPC is convinced that ours is a sedan market when it comes to cars with subcompact dimensions--actually a fact-based belief since the Toyota Vios is presently the best-selling car here.

But on the same trip, we were told by Mitsubishi Motors Thailand--which will also manufacture the Mirage G4 like it does the hatchback--that the \"best mix\" for Mitsubishi would be 65% hatchback and 35% sedan. Which means that outside the Philippines, the trunkless Mirage is expected to sell more.

So, which is which? Which Mirage version will outsell the other? Take the poll and have your say.

Photo by Vernon B. Sarne


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