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SHARE: - CATS Motors to bring in Mercedes-Benz Unimog line of trucks

When CATS Motors, Mercedes-Benz's official Philippine distributor, launched the Actros line of trucks in December 2011, company president Felix Ang said that it was the next logical progression of their relationship with the German carmaker.

Well, that relationship will soon become stronger than ever as CATS Motors is reportedly bringing in Mercedes-Benz's Unimog line of trucks come May 2013.

According to our source who's directly connected with CATS Motors, its local launch will coincide with a regional event that Mercedes-Benz has planned to show off the Unimog line's renowned capabilities, most notable of which is its four-wheel-drive prowess.

What do you think of the Unimog's chances of succeeding in the local market?

Patrick Everett Tadeo
Writer's resident writer lives and breathes the news. He might have burned a few bridges along the way just to give you the most relevant--and important--ones.
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