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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Chery to divest its ownership in Chery Motors PH

Saying that it has learned from the debacle that was Chery Iseway Motors--the Chinese carmaker's previous locally owned distributor--Chery Automobile Company is once again turning over Chery Motors Philippines to a local company.

According to Chery Motors Philippines chairman Si-Chung Chang, two family-owned corporations are bidding for the control of Chery's local operations. Though Chang wouldn't divulge the identity of the two families, he did say that the turnover of Chery Motors Philippines to the new local Chery distributor could happen within this month.

"We have learned from the past and we're confident that the new company can capably handle the Chery brand," said Chang. "With the new vehicles we are offering, we're also confident that Chery will reach new heights in the Philippines."

Chang added that the recent appointment of Leon Herrera as Chery Motors Philippines' new chief executive is part of its divestment plan.

"Since he's a Filipino, he knows what the Philippine market wants so he fits the role perfectly as the new chief executive," added Chang.

Chang also revealed that, while the new-look QQ3 is now available at Chery dealerships, the old-look QQ will still be sold right beside it to cater to the more budget-conscious car buyers.

"We'd like to give it a different name so as not to confuse our customers with the new QQ," shared Chang.

Chery QQ Classic has a nice ring to it.

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