Chevrolet PH promises Colorado buyers reliable after-sales service

For 'worry-free' ownership
Jul 17, 2012

Chevrolet Colorado

The Covenant Car Company Inc. (aka Chevrolet Philippines) has done an amazing job rebuilding the Chevy brand in our market since taking over the now-defunct General Motors Automobiles Philippines. But while more and more people are getting convinced that Chevrolet's after-sales service is now so much better than it was under the watch of GM's own subsidiary, there may still be doubts about the local distributor's capability to handle a pickup truck like the new Colorado. After all, TCCCI has never had a pickup in its lineup, and the last Chevy pickup in our market was the full-size Silverado many moons ago.

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And so, Chevrolet Philippines isn't leaving anything to chance. The company wants to assure the Colorado's target market that it is more than able and ready to service a world-class pickup model. We have just received a bulletin from the distributor detailing just how exactly it plans to address the after-sales concerns of Colorado buyers.

* Five-year warranty: "The Colorado 5-Year Warranty Plan covers the vehicle for up to three years or 100,000km, whichever comes first, plus a two-year extended warranty for the powertrain to rid owners of any anxiety brought about by unexpected expenses and downtime. The Colorado's two-year extended warranty for the powertrain is the first and only warranty (of its kind) that's being offered in the whole Philippine automotive industry, proving TCCCI's commitment to provide quality products and hassle-free and enjoyable customer ownership."

* 24-hour roadside assistance: "An add-on to the warranty program is the 24/7 Chevrolet Emergency Roadside Support for the first three years. This service gives you the assistance you need in all sorts of emergency situations. Towing, vehicle removal, fuel delivery, battery boosting/jumpstarting, locksmith services, and tire replacement are all covered under vehicle assistance. Personal assistance--for needs that arise from having an accident--include important details like stay-or-travel expenses, hospital admission assistance, ambulance coordination, as well as accident coordination on-site (if necessary)."

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* 24/7 Chevy Hotline service: "Unlimited access to the 24/7 Chevy Hotline--751-CHEV(2438)--for anything (from customer feedback escalation to general information requests and sales inquiries) is also thrown in to round off the worry-free services that Chevrolet Philippines has crafted for the all-new Colorado."

What this all means is that, if the Colorado is on your short list, after-sales service should be the least of your concerns. Convinced?

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