Concept One holds track day

Is there a better way to prove a point with Starfire tires?
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Sep 13, 2009

Wheel Gallery, one of the country's top aftermarket suppliers of wheels and tires, has become the official tire supplier of the Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC).

To help drum up Wheel Gallery's involvement with the PTCC, a media-exclusive track day was held to highlight the performance of Starfire tires in racing conditions.

Helping spread the good word about the reliability of Starfire tires was Team Velocity-Sea Oil's Dennis Uy, one of the front runners at the PTCC, who said that, "We never doubted the capabilities of this tire. Unlike other tires that chip off after a few hot laps around the track, Starfire never looses its grip and traction even during high temperatures at the track. It provides me the confidence to brake late at fast corners and provides the traction needed to power out at corners."

Capping the day-long event was the formal launch of the new PTCC series wheels from Concept One.

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"We currently have four new designs which comprise the PTCC wheel series. These wheels are designed and made for racing although they can also be used for road cars," Wheel Gallery's Sammy Liuson said.

Starfire tires are manufactured by Cooper Chengsan Passenger Tire Company Limited, a subsidiary of Cooper Tires in Findlay, Ohio U.S.A. Cooper Tires USA specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of automobile and truck tires and has 59 manufacturing, technical and design facilities all over the world. Cooper Tires also owns and operates Avon Tires of U.K. which also designs and manufactures tires for motorcycles, road cars and racing cars.

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