Report: Daimler could kill Maybach or team it up with Aston Martin

What\'s the best choice?


The Maybach brand really hasn\'t taken off as much as its parent company, Daimler AG wants, with the German luxury marque\'s sales paling in comparison to its competitor\'s, Rolls-Royce.

For this reason, Daimler is reportedly weighing two options for Maybach, with the company needing to settle on one by July 1: kill the brand a second time or team up with Aston Martin to produce a second-generation car.

According to, Daimler AG chief executive Dieter Zetsche said that \"there is a higher likelihood to come to a positive decision\" for a second-generation Maybach to be manufactured if it had a partner.

Zetsche also confirmed that Daimler AG is in discussions with Aston Martin on the production of a second-generation Maybach and that a concept for the next-generation model has already been developed but that a final decision on its production is still pending.

Do you think Daimler AG is better of killing the Maybach brand or should it continue by handing off the development and production of the car to Aston Martin? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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