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 Delo_Parts_Character.jpgFor the longest time, the Delo range of premium automotive lubricants and coolants has always been associated with keeping diesel engines running at maximum efficiency.

To make sure this association doesn't stray too far from motorists' mind, Chevron Philippines recently unveiled a new advertising campaign called Parts. The new campaign is a series of ads featuring different engine parts as the main characters telling stories on how they depend on Delo products to best serve the transportation professionals who count on their reliability.

"The intent was to humanize the parts and to convey the confidence felt by Delo customers. When shown the ads, customers understood the positioning almost immediately, commenting that 'the Parts guys seem pleased to be getting the right oil'," said CPI's Area Business Manager for Global Lubricants, Dean Gilbert. "The campaign will help differentiate the brand from its competitors and enable us to communicate the benefits of using Delo products in a much more engaging manner."

With the characters' universal appeal, Chevron's Parts campaign easily transcends cultures and languages, enabling the company to reach out to a broad audience.

The Parts campaign serves to highlight the new Delo Gold with ISOSYN technology. Chevron's ISOSYN technology combines highly refined base oils with advanced additives, creating products that rival other synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests like wear protection, oxidation and sludge formation which, in turn, maximizes service intervals and equipment life.

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