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The Department of Energy recently inaugurated the solar-powered LEDs that it recently installed inside the Boni Tunnel in Mandaluyong City with the help of the Asian Development Bank, which provided the lithium batteries and other accessories for the solar power assembly.

The Boni Tunnel is a 297.20m-long tunnel along Boni Avenue and traverses EDSA in Mandaluyong City. According to the DOE, the tunnel's old lighting system, which was a mix of tubular fluorescent lights and high-pressure sodium lamps, "is not only dim but also poses security risks to public and private vehicles." In addition, it reportedly costs an average of P570,640 to operate annually.

With the installation of the LEDs, the DOE claims that the tunnel is now brightly lit as the new lighting system is more optically efficient, distributing light in areas where it is most needed. The 188 tubular LEDs in the tunnel supposedly have an operating lifespan of 30,000 hours. Powering it is a grid-interactive photovoltaic system that can save the local government up to P240,000 a year in electricity expenditure.

"It is very important for us today to continuously moderate electricity consumption," said DOE secretary Jose Rene Almendras. "In reducing consumption, we also lessen our carbon footprints, effectively contributing to the solutions toward the issue of climate change."

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