Drive-thru wake, anyone?

Could a similar setup work in our country?
Apr 27, 2011

The city of Compton, located southeast of Los Angeles in California, was once known for its gang culture. Today, the city that made drive-by gang-related shootings infamous now has its own drive-thru funeral service.

The Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton is just one of the few funeral parlors in the United States to offer a drive-thru service. According to, there's at least one in Chicago and another in Louisiana.

What Compton's Robert L. Adams Mortuary probably offers that the others don't, however, is that its drive-thru's glass partition is bulletproof. This reportedly made it the perfect location for gang funerals after cemetery shootouts with rival gang members made graveside services unpopular.

According to owner Peggy Scott Adams, the service is all about convenience as families can avoid hosting a formal indoor viewing, visitors don't have to park their cars and even wheelchair-bound visitors can roll on by to pay their respects. Some visitors, who prefer to mourn in silence, also like the setup since it isn't "quite as emotional."

Continue reading below ↓ added that though the drive-thru funeral service has its fans, many of the funeral parlor's clients still preferred traditional indoor viewings which can be held in one of the parlor's three indoor viewing rooms or its chapel.

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Do you think the funeral homes along Araneta Avenue in Quezon City should start offering a similar service?

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