Ferrari Enzo prototype goes on sale

Yes, this Prancing Horse is actually a "mule"
Jan 5, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ferrari Enzo prototype goes on sale

Feel like owning a Ferrari Enzo but find the prospect of possessing a car that 400 other moneyed individuals like you similarly own too disconcerting? Then perhaps you'd like to purchase the only Enzo prototype "mule" to be auctioned off by Ferrari.

Modena Motorsport is currently selling the only prototype of the Enzo to have been auctioned off by Ferrari. Being a test bed for the Enzo's drivetrain, the car's V12 engine produces 671hp, 30hp more than the production V12 mill used in a standard Enzo.

As Ferrari's common practice when developing a brand-new car, the Italian carmaker derived the prototype's body from an older, discontinued model--in this case, the smaller mid-engined 348. This was then lengthened and widened to accommodate the much larger V12 engine that was developed for the Enzo. Besides the 348, this Frankenstein-like prototype of a supercar raided the Ferrari parts bin for some of its equipment--the brakes and suspension are from the F355 Challenge while the dashboard sports the instrument panel of the 360.

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Ferrari built three prototypes as a test bed for the Enzo's mechanical underpinnings. Respectively known as the M1, M2 and M3, the third prototype was mainly used as a rolling test bed for the Enzo's drivetrain before it (the Enzo) finally went on sale in 2002. The car then languished in Ferrari's warehouse before the Italian carmaker auctioned it off alongside the 400th Enzo in June 2005.

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