Ferrari shows off chassis of its very first hybrid model

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Oct 2, 2012
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ferrari shows off chassis of its very first hybrid model

Ferrari is serious about creating its very first hybrid model. After revealing its drive system in April, the Italian carmaker is now showing off its composite chassis that has been derived directly from Formula 1 technologies.

According to Ferrari, the materials, design methodologies, construction processes, staff and instruments behind the construction of the high-performance hybrid car are all shared with Ferrari's Formula 1 team. In addition, an important contribution from Rory Byrne, Ferrari's F1 chief designer who was behind 11 of the team's championship titles, prompted Ferrari to create a working group for the car's production.

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Drawing on its vast experience of working with composites for its single-seaters, Ferrari chose not to use the industrial carbon-fiber manufacturing techniques such as resin transfer molding---which is normally adopted in the automotive sector--as they supposedly did not meet the quality and standards set by Ferrari itself.

Instead, this limited-edition, special-series Ferrari's chassis uses four different types of carbon fiber that are hand-laminated and then cured in autoclaves following engineering processes that optimize the design by integrating the different components. In the end, the car's overall chassis is 20 percent lighter than the Enzo Ferrari despite the extra weight required by housing the hybrid components, with torsional rigidity increased by 27 percent and beam stiffness by 22 percent.

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