Ferrari takes the FF to the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi

Could the chaotic streets of Manila be next?
Mar 8, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ferrari takes the FF to the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi

Ferrari, eager to show off the four-wheel-drive prowess of the FF, has taken its grand tourer to frolic in the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi.

The Ferrari FF, which also took a side trip to the Ferrari World theme park, has a patented 4RM four-wheel drive system to ensure that it delivers the right amount of torque when running on low-grip surfaces like the desert sand.

According to Ferrari, the FF "intelligently distributes torque to each of the four wheels individually, thanks to the fact that all of the dynamic vehicle controls (E-Diff, F1-Trac and PTU) have been integrated into a single CPU."

The desert run comes after Ferrari took the FF to the frigid forests of Sweden and Finland.

What's the next best location for testing Ferrari's four-wheel-drive beast?


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