SHARE: Philippine Car News - Ferrari hosts over 100 of its clients on a driving tour around Italy

Over 100 of Ferrari's clients from all over the world have descended into the city of Bologna in Italy to take part in the Ferrari Cavalcade, a driving tour that starts today, June 28, and ends on Saturday, June 30. They are scheduled to "discover places in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany connected to the birth of the manufacturer from Maranello." (That's Enzo Ferrari, of course.)

Besides driving the Italian carmaker's vehicles on the legendary roads of these famous Italian regions, they will also drive on the roads used by the Mille Miglia endurance race and on the tracks where Ferrari has raced and won several times, including Imola, Mugello and Fiorano.

According to Ferrari, the event is a way to introduce its clients "to the wonderful landscape, the artistic wonders and the exceptional cuisine of Italy." In addition, future Cavalcade events will follow the same pattern by bringing Ferrari clients to Italy's most important places to "discover hidden gems of this marvelous country."


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