Fiesta popularity boosts Ford's sales anew

No ghost-month slowdown for the American brand
Sep 15, 2011

Ford Philippines said sales remained strong even during the so-called ghost month as the brand continued to enjoy the Fiesta's popularity.

Ford said August sales stood at 741 units, 21 percent higher than sales in the same month last year. The American car company's sales in the past eight months reached 6,164 units, 44 percent more than the sales recorded from January to August 2010.

"The all-new Fiesta is continuing to drive our monthly sales gain this year, and their increasing numbers on the road is providing great visibility for its class-leading package of design, fuel efficiency, safety and smart technologies," said Ford Group Philippines president Randy Krieger.

A total of 2,293 units of the Ford Fiesta have rolled out of showrooms in the past eight months, 309 of which were sold in April alone.

"It's clearly now one of the leaders in the highly-competitive small-car segment," Krieger said.

Are you among the thousands of new Ford vehicle owners in the Philippines? What can you say about your purchase?

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