Ford Philippines sends largest export yet to Indonesia

Santa Rosa-made Ford Focus units make the country proud.
Sep 16, 2009

The Ford Focus 4DR 2.0-liter units are completely built up (CBU) by the Ford Philippines workforce in Santa Rosa, Laguna and will be used by the Indonesian National Police Force.

"This fleet-purchase to Indonesia is significant for FMCP as it points to the success of our export business and underscores the exceptional quality of the vehicles we produce in the Philippines. It is also a testament to the world-class craftsmanship and dedication of Ford's Filipino workforce which enabled these vehicles to earn such successes," said Ford Philippines President Rick Baker.

Ford Philippines has exported a total of 62,500 Ford and Mazda vehicles to members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries since 2002. Exports account for roughly half of the manufacturer's production.

"We are delighted with the progress of our CBU export program in light of this year's more challenging environment. Ford Philippines is the only domestic manufacturer with a CBU export program, and we remain committed to deliver high quality vehicles to our neighboring ASEAN markets," Baker said.

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Aside from the Focus, Ford Philippines also exports the Ford Escape, Mazda 3, and Mazda Tribute to Southeast Asian countries including Thailand and Malaysia.


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In this photo: Ford Motor Company Philippines team with President Rick Baker (center) in front of the Ford Focus units for the Indonesian National Police Force.


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